Nature Wonder Land VII

NHK proudly presents its 7th Nature Wonder Land series. This unique nature series uncovers the fascinating stories of a wide range of animals from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Americas and Europe. Viewers will enter the worlds of creatures rarely seen before and marvel at their power and beauty.

Episode list

1. Magnet Trees -- Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Canada
2. Mysterious Circles in Japanese Waters
3. Built for Flight -- Frigatebird, Australia
4. Deadly Mimic -- Orchid Mantis, Indonesia
5. Living with Humans -- Brown Bear, Japan
6. Tails of Survival -- California Ground Squirrel, United States
7. A Devoted Father -- Giant Bullfrog, Africa
8. Living on the Edge of the City -- Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel, Japan
9. A Mysterious Gathering -- Whale Shark, Mexico
10. Life-Sustaining Springs in Borneo
11. Tower-Building Birds -- Golden Bowerbird, Australia
12. Mysterious Balloons -- Hooded Seal, Canada
13. Avian Role Players -- Ruff, Sweden
[Mysterious Circles in Japanese Waters]
"Gold Diver (Palme d'Or), FILMS SHORT AND CLIPS"
World Festival of Underwater Pictures, 2013 -- Marseille, France
"Special Award for Best Screenplay, Professional"
International Wildlife Film Festival, 2014 -- Albert, France
"Gold Prize, SCIENCE DOCUMENTARY (less than 30mins)"
China International Conference of Science & Education Producers (CICSP), 2014 -- Shenzhen, China