Mt. Fuji: A World Heritage Site Blessed with Water

Mount Fuji has recently been included as a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Water is the key to understanding why the mountain is worshipped and why it continues to be an artistic inspiration. Standing alone in solitary grandeur, Mount Fuji receives a lot of rainfall throughout the year and at the foot of the mountain, it's rich with spring water. Even though it's sometimes called the mountain of water, its surface is free of rivers and streams. And what happens underground remains shrouded in mystery. This program uses the latest 4K camera to film magnificent natural wonders created by water, including a gigantic underground water vein, an ice palace deep within in a cave, and a hidden underwater tunnel. Welcome to the unknown waterworld of Mount Fuji!
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Mt.Fuji: A Visual Poem
52 min., Clean, M/E, English script
2006 © NHK
"Intermedia-globe SILVER, DOCUMENTARIES/Nature and Wildlife"
WorldMediaFestival, 2014 -- Hamberg, Germany