Yasu - A Single Father's Story

When a man raises a son on his own, it naturally produces a strong relationship between them. This heartwarming story speaks to the unbreakable bond between fathers and sons, even when separated by time, distance-or a lie.
Yasu is a Hiroshima truck driver, living a happy life with his family in the midst of rapid economic growth in the 1960s. But tragedy strikes when he suddenly loses his wife in a freak accident caused by their toddler son, Akira. Wanting to protect him from the truth behind her death, Yasu decides to hide that fact from Akira. And despite being a clumsy, short-tempered parent, with the support of his friends, Yasu dedicates his life to raising his son.
"Golden Nymph, Best Mini Series / Mini Seriese cateogry"
52th Monte-Carlo Television Festival, 2012 -- Monte-Carlo, Monaco