Animal All-Stars

The largest, the strongest, the cutest -- they are Animal All-Stars!

Animals survive in the unforgiving wilds of nature thanks to their amazing strengths. Showcased are the special physical characteristics and surprising skills of animals at the "top of their class" in terms of running and leaping abilities, body size, parent-child attachment, and more. The program answers basic questions like: Why is an elephant's nose so long? What's the difference between a shark and a whale? These special characteristics of animals are explained to children in very easy-to-understand and fun ways. The hosts of the program are two cute characters, Sola (a girl) and Wondero (a boy). Led by these two, children will enjoy studying about animals' astonishing abilities and amazing power.
Episode list:
The Largest Land Animal -- African Elephant
The Largest Bird -- Ostrich
The Strongest on the Savannah -- Lion
The Slowest Lizard -- Chameleon
The Most Skilled Snake Hunter -- Secretary Bird
The Most Unusual City Dwellers -- African Penguin
The Cutest Creature -- Panda
The Largest Fish -- Whale Shark
The Largest Lizard -- Komodo Dragon
The Best Diver -- Puffin
The Best Rock Impersonator -- Giant Salamander
The Most Popular Mud Flat Resident -- Mudskipper
The Best Bee Hunter -- Honey Buzzard
The Best Hunter in the Air-- Goshawk
The Ultimate Hopper -- Red Kangaroo
The Most Fashionable Reptile -- Frilled Lizard
The Giggliest Bird -- Laughing Kookaburra
The Best Flying Mammal -- Flying Fox
The Best Courtship Dance -- Victoria's Riflebird
The Cleverest Bird -- New Caledonian Crow
The Largest Antlers -- Moose
The Best Synchronized Dancers -- Clark's Grebe
The Best Dancing Bird Duo -- Long-tailed Manakin
The Biggest Butterfly Get-Together -- Monarch Butterfly
The Longest-Living Animal -- Galapagos Giant Tortoise
The Most Poisonous Creature -- Poison Dart Frog
The Flashiest Bird -- Scarlet Macaw
The Most Airy Flier -- Hummingbird
The Best Adapted to High Places -- Rock Ptarmigan
The Best Hunter in Mountain Streams -- Crested Kingfisher
The Largest Rodent -- Capybara
The Most Pioneering Monkey -- Japanese Macaque
[The Largest Land Mammal -- African Elephant]
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WorldMediaFestival, 2014 -- Hamberg, Germany