Design Ah!

Design covers many areas, including product, costume, character, building, and music design. The common aim of design is to find an object's essence through observation and insight. The design should embody ease of use, beauty, and comfort by incorporating inventive ideas and ingenuity. Taking a fresh look from a design perspective at the objects and spaces around us that we take for granted, Design Ah! encourages children and adults alike to discover the fun and fascination of design and provides the first steps for cultivating "design thinking."
Program Content:

Looking at Design -- live action and computer graphics
Each program has a segment devoted to taking an exacting look at one object. Viewers will be able to recognize the design's inventiveness and ingenuity by getting a clear picture of the object's shape, material, usage, and how it was made.

Split up -- time-lapse animation
Things that children always see, use, or eat are carefully deconstructed through animation. By taking apart familiar objects, children will become interested in objects' parts and structure and will develop new perspectives for looking at things.

Let's All Draw -- live action
Twelve men and women of all ages sit in a circle and draw an object that is placed in the middle. The 12 finished pictures are connected and rotated to show the object three-dimensionally. What becomes clear is that there are many ways of looking at an object.

That's Why -- animated drawings
This is a fantasy story that lets the viewer appreciate the designs of everyday objects like telephones or books by trying to redesign them. It traces the thought processes of the people who originally designed the objects.

Designers -- interviews
In every program, a famous designer from a different field appears with a representative example of his or her work. The designer talks about the thinking process and feelings associated with the design. Viewers get insights into various design professions and unique ways of looking at things.
"intermedia-globe GRAND AWARD / EDUCATION"
"intermedia-globe GOLD / EDUCATION: Elementary School"
WorldMediaFestival, 2012 -- Hamberg, Germany
[Episode 10] "Gold Camera, Education: Primary / Elementary School"
U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2012 -- Los Angels, U.S.A.
"Theme Awards / 7-11 Fiction"
Prix Jeunesse International, 2012 -- Munich, Germany
"Early Education: Chinh Silver"
Chinh India Kids Film Festival, 2012 -- New Delhi, India
"George Foster Peabody Awards"
72nd George Foster Peabody Awards, 2013 -- New York, U.S.A.
"Best Television Program"
Taiwan International Children's Film Festival, 2014 -- Taipei, Taiwan