A Circle of 21 Children

What's become of the children of Fukushima? This documentary follows twenty-one sixth-grade students from Isobe Elementary School in Fukushima Prefecture's Soma City over the course of one year. The city was gravely impacted by last year's massive earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. One student lives in temporary housing, having lost her family and home, but hasn't given up on her dreams. One boy talks about his desire to succeed his father in the family farming business. He's worried about his father who's distressed by rumors of his crops being contaminated by radiation and the harm it may cause his business. Another girl, who lost her best friend since kindergarten, pins her hopes on the re-opening of her parents' restaurant. Although their hearts seem to be breaking at times, forced to confront this grim reality, the students encourage each other as they struggle to move forward with their lives.