There is a zone ten to several hundred kilometers above Earth where the blue sky changes to the inky blackness of space, a world that is neither Earth nor outer space.

This is where meteors dance and auroras sparkle, the cosmic shore.

Earth and space connect here. Our newly gained knowledge of the phenomena that occur in this boundary has given us a much clearer picture of the constant exchange between the Earth and beyond.

To capture these phenomena NHK became the first in the world to develop a special compact ultra high sensitive HD camera to be used on the International Space Station. With this technology and the most up-to-date scientific research, COSMIC SHORE presents magnificent views taken from many altitudes of the mysterious optical phenomena occurring in this earth-space boundary. In addition, birds-eye views of the Earth's vast surface let the audience experience an entirely new and different view of their world.
"The Best Work in the Continuing Education Category: The Governor of Tokyo Prize"
JAPAN PRIZE, 2012 -- Tokyo, Japan
"Scientific Discoveries: Bronze Prize"
China International Conference of Science & Education Producers, 2012