Mapping Fukushima

The Fukushima nuclear disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami has led to unprecedented radioactive contamination of the surrounding areas. But what exactly is the level of contamination and how far has it extended? Scientists have formed a team to measure radiation levels independently of the government and the IAEA. NHK meticulously filmed their efforts, and collaborated with them to make an original map of contaminated areas. This two-month record began just after the disaster and captured the tenacity of the scientists venturing into "radiation hot spots" to take their readings. It also portrays the confusion and anguish of local residents faced with the threat of contamination for the first time in their lives.
"Silver Hugo / Investigative Reporting/ News Documentary"
48th Hugo Television Awards, 2012 -- Chicago, U.S.A.
"intermedia-globe SILVER / DOCUMENTARIES: Research and Science"
WorldMediaFestival, 2012 -- Hamberg, Germany