Fallout: The Last Days of Iitate Village

With a population of around 6,000, the village of Iitate in Fukushima Prefecture had lived in harmony with nature. The villagers were engaged mainly in the farming and livestock industries. However, the accidents at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant changed everything. The soil has been contaminated by radiation, and residents themselves have also been exposed. Shipment of the village's agricultural products stopped, threatening their livelihood. Facing the stark reality of the possible annihilation of their village, what were they thinking and how were they reacting? This program provides a close look at Iitate village over the four months following the disaster, recording the thoughts, emotions, and actions of the villagers, who have been forced to fight the "invisible enemy" of radiation.
"Best domestic current affairs documentary"
The AIB International media excellence awards, 2012 -- London, U.K.