Doctors Facing the Tsunami

Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture was devastated by the monstrous tsunami. Almost all medical services there ground to a halt, except for Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital. As the only remaining healthcare facility, it has continued operating to save the lives of 200,000 residents. However, the doctors were forced to cope with one unimaginable situation after another. Initial lifesaving activities did not function as expected. Patients swamped by the tsunami were developing peculiar symptoms. With administrative functions destroyed, the doctors also had to procure food and water for shelters, and make improvements to deteriorating sanitation. Following two doctors from the hospital and shooting over 200 hours of their activities, this program is an historic record of "disaster medical care" over a three-month period starting in the days immediately after the disaster.
"intermedia-globe GOLD / DOCUMENTARIES: Medicine"
WorldMediaFestival, 2012 -- Hamberg, Germany