Julianise: Enslaved Girl of Haiti

Haiti was hit by a crippling earthquake in 2010. Rubble still lies on the streets as the recovery stalls. Children known as "restavecs" live in particularly harsh circumstances. These children have been sent to foster homes by their impoverished parents to be brought up, but in many cases, they are forced to do domestic work and not allowed to go to school, and some are abused. There are some 220,000 restavecs, and the number has climbed since the earthquake. This program reveals the harsh reality that these children are forced to endure because of poverty and the damage from the earthquake by focusing on the plight of a 13-year-old restavec named Julianise.
"Certificate, Documentary: Television Documentary Programs; Social Issues"
44th U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2011 -- Los Angels, U.S.A.
"Highly Commended / Best Documentary Programme (One-off / Special)"
16th Asian Television Awards, 2011 -- Singapore