LIFE FORCE is a celebration of the power of evolution. An exploration of the forces that shape life in all its unexpected glory.

This breath-taking series is a groundbreaking cross-genre fusion of blue-chip natural history and cutting edge science documentary. Viewers are transported to six strange worlds within worlds where it seems as if nature has thrown the rule book out the window.

But LIFE FORCE goes in for a closer look, and reveals how the magic of evolution and the forces of nature have together shaped eccentric animals, eclectic lifestyles and unorthodox patterns of behavior. Each place has a unique personal history and suite of extraordinary characters.

NHK and NHNZ's multi-award winning film-making partnership combined to use the latest technologies to cast a spotlight on six far corners of the planet, to reveal these rich and surprising natural worlds.
Episode list:
Brazil's Cerrado
New Zealand
Africa's Rift Valley

Please visit NHK's LIFE FORCE website. You can see footage introducing all six episodes. NHK's iPhone app is also available.
"Highly Commended / Best Documentary Series"
16th Asian Television Awards, 2011 -- Singapore
"Best Scientific Content"
34th International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011 -- Montana, U.S.A.
"Highly Commended Diplomas"
9th Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2011 -- Lihula, Estonia
"Winner / Best Natural History or Wildlife Programme"
16th Asian Television Awards, 2011 -- Singapore
"Nature & Environment: Bronze Prize"
China International Conference of Science & Education Producers, 2012
[New Zealand]
"Best Documentary Short -- Category: Nature / Geography"
1st Beijing International Film Festival -- Beijing, China
"Grand Prix"
22nd Bird and Nature Festival, 2012 -- The Bay of the Somme, Abbeville, France
[Brazil's Cerrado]
"Best Post-production"
5th Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011 -- Eckernförde, Germany
"Special Prize of the Jury"
9th Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2011 -- Lihula, Estonia
[Africa's Rift Valley]
"Bronze Prize / Long and Medium"
38th World Festival of Underwater Pictures 2011 -- Marseille, France
"Highly Commended Diplomas"
10th Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, 2012 -- Lihula, Estonia