A touching story about life and death

This poetic story centers on the bond that forms between two people who are deeply alone. Murata is a gruff, eccentric, and very successful novelist who spent his younger years as a self-indulgent playboy in Tokyo. But he loses sight of the meaning of life and moves back to the small island where he was born. Orimi is a young editor who visits from Tokyo to collect Murata's manuscripts. Unbeknownst to the novelist, she's a cancer patient who lives in the shadow of death. One day, Murata learns that Orimi's cancer has come back and that she's been hospitalized. He feels compelled to break his self-imposed exile and return to Tokyo to visit her in hospital.


Machiko ONO
"Golden Nymph, Best Television Film"
50th Monte-Carlo Television Festival, 2010 -- Monte-Carlo, Monaco
"Certificate of Merit, Dramatic Program"
46th Hugo Television Awards, 2010 -- Chicago, U.S.A
"Prix Italia, TV Movies and Mini Series"
62st Prix Italia, 2010 -- Torino, Italy