WILDLIFE -- Life in the Jungle Canopy: Kinkajou

A vast untouched jungle extends out just from the edge of the Panama Canal in Central America. With its big eyes, the sweet-looking kinkajou, which is related to the raccoon, lives in the canopy of trees at 30 meters above the ground. In the middle of the night, the kinkajou moves nimbly from branch to branch in the jungle canopies. During the dry season when there are no more of their favorite figs, they lap up the nectar from the pure white balsa flowers, which are about 10 centimeters in diameter. Life in the Jungle Canopy tells the story of the wondrous microcosm of rare animals like the balsa flower–loving kinkajou, the opossum, and others.
"Highly Commended Diplomas"
International Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2011 -- Lihula, Estonia