Light of the River

A family of mice was living peacefully on the bank of a beautiful river. However one day a development project destroys their sweet home. Wishing to keep their life with nature, they went upriver to seek a new world. This moving story highlights the importance of the environment.
"Children EARTH VISION Award, Environmental Films for Children Category"
EARTH VISION The 18th, Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival, 2010 -- Tokyo, Japan
"Best of Festival, Entertainment"
"Gold Camera Award, Entertainment: Animation"
43th U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2010 -- Los Angels, U.S.A.
"Foreign Animation, Silver Award"
16th Shanghai TV Festival, 2010 -- Shanghai, China
"Children's Jury Prize, Animated Feature -- 1st Prize"
"Adult Jury Prize, Animated Feature -- 1st Prize"
27th Chicago International Children's Film Festival, 2010 -- Chicago, U.S.A.
"1st Special Mention / Feature Films"
5th EXPOTOONS International Animation Festival, 2011 -- Buenos Aires, Argentina