Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

Directed by Sean McAllister (U.K.)

Baby boomers. There is no avoiding them. From student movements to the bubble economy, this generation has always been in the center for the last 60 years. The story of the director's curious life with a man called "Naoki," an unremarkable member of a most remarkable generation.
"Grand Prix Vistula River"
DOCBOAT Nonfiction E-Fest 2009, Warsaw, Poland
"Best Documentary"
Ismailia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films 2009, Giza, Egypt
"Special Prize & Citizens' Prize"
YIDFF 2009, Yamagata, Japan
"Best International Documentary"
The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2009, Volda, Norway
"Special Jury Prize"
Nodo Doc Fest 2009, Trieste, Italy