Since its start in 2009, WILDLIFE has been the pillar nature series on NHK, consistent in its delivery of quality and high standard. Produced by the seasoned Natural History Unit of NHK Enterprises, the series reveals the pulsating life of the animal kingdom. Through its commitment to innovative storytelling, each episode is filmed over long periods and makes use of the latest equipment in pursuit of new visual experiences.

Episode list

[49 min.]

King of the Prairie: Bison

Life on the Savannah: Big Cats

Back from the Brink: Okinawa Spiny Rat

Canopy Gliders of the Borneo Rainforest

Modern Day Eden: A Japanese Temple Garden

Dancers on Fire: Flame Bowerbirds

Giants of Alaska: Brown Bears

Unlikely Eden: Ngorongoro Crater

On the Edge of Survival: Brazil's Wild Dogs

Havens of Harmony: Satoyama

Life in Kalinzu Forest: Uganda's Chimpanzees

Predators in the Surf: Killer Whales

Return to Shark Island: Elephant Seals

Living on the Edge: Tara Canyon

Secrets of the Waterside: The Canals of England

A Portrait of the Wild: The North Woods of Canada

Secrets of the Ocean: Aleutian Magic

Prey vs. Predators: Survival on the Serengeti

Stalking the Savannah: Birds That Choose Not To Fly

Amazon Alliance: New World Monkeys

March of the Masses: Great Spider Crabs

The Kazinga Channel: Hippo Paradise

Designed to Dance: Birds of Paradise

Penguin Island: The Falklands

Secrets of the Stag: Hokkaido Sika Deer

Guardians of the Kelp Forest: Sea Otters

An Ear for Danger: Bat Eared Fox

Follow the Footsteps: Blue Wildebeest

Dragons of the Galapagos: Marine Iguanas

Crossing the Cliffs: Nubian Ibex

Reigning the Amazon River: Giant Otters

Back from the Deep: Giant Sea Bass

Realm of the Rat Catchers: Ethiopian Wolves

Sophisticated Farmers: Leafcutter Ants

Kilimanjaro's Superherd: African Elephants

The Matchless Marsupial: Koala

Echoes of the Forest: Taiwanese Squirrels

Return of the Giants: The Indian Rhinoceros

Dazzling and Deadly: The Blue Ringed Octopus

Bringing Life to the Desert: Giant Cactus

Journey into Danger: Buffalo vs. Lion

Secret Hunter of the Mountains: Mongolia's Snow Leopard

Tancho, Legend of the Marshes: Red Crowned Crane

Carving a Niche: Okinawa Woodpecker

The Monkey with a Thousand Faces: Crested Black Macaque

An Unbreakable Bond: African Wild Dogs

Out of the Cold, Into the Fire: Yellowstone Supervolcano

The Paternal Bond: Barbary Macaques

Realm of the Spiraled Egg: Port Jackson Shark

Survivors of the Recovered Forest: Moon Bears

Ingenious Molluscs of the Volcanic Sea: Coconut Octopus

Designed to Hunt: Chameleons

Insect Architects: Cathedral Termites

Hive Hunters: Oriental Honey Buzzards

A Family's Tale: Brown Bears

Leaping Lemurs of Madagascar: Indri

Survivors of the Plains: Lions of Tsavo

Impressing the Troop: Toque Macaques

Acoustic Predators: Great Gray Owls

[50 min.]

Battle of the Alphas: Mandrills[4K]

A Family's Bond: Dingoes[4K]

Ingenious Egg Layers: White-Spotted Bamboo Sharks[4K]

Survival Instincts: Iguana vs. Basilisk[4K]

Unlikely Allies: Hawks and Hummingbirds[4K/4KHDR]

Masters of the Plains: Pallas' Cats[4K/4KHDR]

Running the Gauntlet: Florida Mullet[4K/4KHDR]

Island Pioneers: Canada's Sea Wolves[4K/4KHDR]

Ghost Shark Rising from the Deep: Chimaeras[4K/4KHDR]

Last Ram Standing: Bighorn Sheep[4K/4KHDR]

The Penguin Isles: Survival of the Fastest[4K/4KHDR]

Banquet in Orangutan Forest[4K/4KHDR]

[52 min.]

Wilderness in Japan: Hokkaido Red Fox

Rainforest Warriors: Army Ants

Desert Survivors: Honey Badger and Namaqua Chameleon

Builders of Large Communal Nests: Sociable Weaver

Life at Desert's Edge: Ghost Crabs

Curious Jumpers of Madagascar: Sifakas

Hunting Art of the Marsh Harrier

Life in the Jungle Canopy: Kinkajou

Acrobat of the Hokkaido Forest: Eurasian Red Squirrel

Love-warrior of the Rocky Mountains: Greater Sage-grouse

Survival Strategy: Humpback Whale

Mysterious Giant of the Sea: Munk's Devil Ray

Hunter in Rural Japan: Grey-faced Buzzard

Our Street Smart Neighbors: Sparrows

Elusive Feline: Tsushima Leopard Cat

King of the Northern Skies: Steller's Sea Eagle

Underwater Bullet: Sei Whale

Family Ties: Western Lowland Gorilla

Strong Brotherly Bonds: Cheetahs

Ingenious Aerial Hunters: Birds of Borneo

Running Along an Icy Cliff: Mountain Goat

Home to Richly Colored Birds: Terraced Rice Paddies of Bali

Rabbits vs. Stoats: War in the British Countryside

Evolution in Paradise: Ogasawara Islands

Survival in the Ice Kingdom: Polar Bears[4K]

Grand Journey Across North America: Sandhill Cranes

Battles of the Mothers: Ring-tailed Lemurs

Masters of Mimicry: The Insects of Costa Rica

A Tale of Gentle Giants[4K]

The Ninja Birds of Kakadu: Comb-crested Jacanas[4K]

Master Hunter of the North: Crested Kingfisher

An Amazing Evolutionary Path: Penguin[4K]

Rodent Monsters: The Capybaras of the Ibera Wetlands

Visions of Mermaids: The Dugongs of Moreton Bay

Life on the Edge: The Dry Season of Ruaha, Tanzania

Gentle Yet Protective: Borneo Pygmy Elephants[4K]

Desert Survivors: The Arabian Wolf[4K]

The Caiman Hunters: Jaguar, Brazilian Wetlands[4K]

A Walking Red Carpet: Christmas Island Red Crabs[4K]

Small in Size but Big on Personality: Dwarf Mongooses[4K]

Battle Royale: The Lions and Hyenas of Maasai Mara National Park[4K]

Modern Dinosaurs: The Gharials of Chitwan National Park[4K]

Evolutionary Mayhem: The Flightless Birds of the Galapagos[4K]

Ferocious Midnight Hunter: The Brown-Marbled Grouper of Bali

When the Sky Goes Dark: The Megabats of Africa

No Time for Sloth: The Sloth Bears of Sri Lanka[4K]

When Frogs Dance and Sing: The Mysterious Amphibians of Borneo[4K]

Surviving Deadly Slopes: The Japanese Serows of Mt. Hakusan

Blessed by Volcanoes: The Marine Life of the Izu Islands, Japan

Life in the Wetlands: The Bird Paradise of Rural Lithuania

When Marsupials Fly: The Eucalyptus Forests of Australia

When Monsters Call: The Bizarre Water-World of Noto Peninsula, Japan

There's Something in Your Wall: The Wasps of Cameroon

The Deception Games: The Insects of Malaysia's Tropical Forests[4K]

The Power of Endurance: The Swans of the Russian Tundra[4K]

It's Hot Out There: The Regal Horned Lizards of the Sonoran Desert[4K]

Danger at the Border: The Ring-Tailed Lemurs of Madagascar[4K]

A Ball of Fluff: The Brazilian Silky Anteater[4K]

Five Trumps One: The Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plain[4K]

[55 min.]

The Wild Bunch: Hamadryas Baboons

Big Bird in an Old Forest: Southern Cassowary

Safe Haven: Iguazu Falls

The Ocean's Gentle Giant: Whale Shark

Amazing Hunters of the Aegean: Eleonora's Falcon

Life Under Giant Whirlpools: Saltstraumen

[Builders of Large Communal Nests: Sociable Weaver]
"Jury's Special Award"
International Wildlife Film Festival, 2010 -- Albert, France
[Life in the Jungle Canopy: Kinkajou]
"Highly Commended Diplomas"
International Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2011 -- Lihula, Estonia
[Modern Day Eden: A Japanese Temple Garden]
"Jury Special Mention Award/International Category"
CMS VATAVARAN-Environment & Wildlife Film Festival, 2011
[Secrets of the Ocean: Aleutian Magic]
"Merit Awards / Merits for Cinematography and Graphics"
International Wildlife Film Festival, 2012 -- Montana, U.S.A.
[March of the Masses: Great Spider Crabs]
"Highly Commended Diplomas"
International Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2013 -- Lihula, Estonia
[Sophisticated Farmers: Leafcutter Ants]
"Best Director Award, Nature"
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2014 -- Matsalu, Estonia
"Siemens Discovery Award"
Science Film Festival, 2014 -- Bangkok, Thailand
[Realm of the Spiraled Egg: Port Jackson Shark]
"Highly Commended Diplomas, Nature"
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2017
[A Family's Bond: Dingoes]
"Special Mention" Nature
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2019