The Land of Rain

The beautiful, mysterious world of rain is visualized using the latest filming technology. Ultra-high speed cameras and a weather observation jet capture breathtaking images in Odaigahara, the rainiest area in Japan that receives an annual rainfall of 5,000 millimeters. As violent rain falls, on the ground form lakes that only appear after such rains, allowing rare frogs and mushrooms to thrive. Through poetic cinematography, we discover just how rain enriches the natural beauty in Japan, a country unusually blessed with rain.
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"Certificate of Merit"
Documentary: Science / Nature
2009 Hugo Television Awards --Chicago, U.S.A
"Nature Documentary Golden Award"
Magnolia Award: Documentary
The 15th Shanghai Television Festival (STVF 09) -- Shanghai, China
"EARTH VISION Grand Prize, Environmental Films Category"
EARTH VISION The 18th, Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival, 2010 -- Tokyo, Japan