A unique, fun, intelligent morning show that helps kids rise and shine

Each 15-minute edition of Shine! is chock-full of quizzes, games, and songs designed to give children a fresh start in the morning. The activities encourage children to think flexibly and look at things in new ways, so they help wake up the body and the mind.
Segments include:

Cue Exercise
Voice and memory exercise! Images pop up in succession. Repeat them in order, and in rhythm!

Gesture Relay
Use your imagination to relay poses! Each person will be "completing" a pose using the half pose left from the previous pair.

Simple Art
Is it a man wearing a mask? Or an empty room? Simple line drawings that can be interpreted a number of different ways.

Just Time
Can you count EXACTLY to X seconds? Count correctly and shout "Just Time!" Try not to be thrown off by the pictures on the screen.
"Certificate of Merit, Children's Program"
46th Hugo Television Awards, 2010 -- Chicago, U.S.A
"Highly Commended: Best Children's Programme"
15th Asian Television Awards, 2010 -- Singapore