The Treasure Beneath the Frozen Sea

Global warming has ignited new flames of human desire -- for fossil fuels under the Arctic Ocean. As the polar ice cap shrinks, exploitation becomes easier. Now a full-blown global race is on for the vast deposits of natural resources beneath the ocean floor. Norway, the world's third largest exporter of crude oil, has succeeded in setting up the first natural gas field in the Arctic Ocean. To claim its own rights, Russia has planted its flag at sea-bottom at the North Pole. South Korea is speeding up construction of icebreaking tankers capable of navigating the Arctic. The Treasure Beneath the Frozen Sea reports from the front lines of the battle for this immense natural wealth.
The 2009 intermedia-globe Silver
Documentaries: Environment-Conservation-Recycling
WorldMediaFestival 2009 -- Hamburg, Germany
"EARTH VISION AWARD: Environmental Films"
Global Environmental Film Festival, EARTH VISION 2009 -- Tokyo, Japan