The Environmental Dilemma

Environmental pollution is one of China's most difficult policy issues. Countermeasures vary greatly among the regions. In coastal cities, pursuant to a national directive, polluting companies have been exposed one after another and sanctions have been applied, even to the point of shutting the companies down. In Hangzhou, authorities carry out 24-hour monitoring, thanks to a video surveillance system installed in more than 300 major companies. Infractions can trigger intervention by a Pollution Task Force. In China's interior, however, many local governments are freely dynamiting mountains and damming rivers so as to build hydroelectric plants that will help fullfill supreme directives to establish prosperity. How can China reconcile such conflicting imperatives and achieve a harmonious society?
"The Prize of the General Director of the Slovak Environmental Agency"
Category Documentaries
16th International Environmental Film Festival (Envirofilm 2010) -- Slovak Republic