Why? With Animals

Why are zebras striped?
Use your imagination and try to guess!

37 different animals drawn by Slovenian picture book author Lila Prap, come to life. Her animals, depicted with bold lines and earthy colors, seem to talk to us with their droll expressions. Come join in Lila's humorous quizzes about all sorts of creatures in Why? With Animals.

Why do hyenas laugh?
Why are zebras striped?
Why do whales spout water?
Why do rhinos have horns on their noses?
Why do camels have humps?
Why do crocodiles cry?
Why do giraffes have long necks?
Why do kangaroos have pouches?
Why do hippos yawn?
Why do lions have manes?
Why don't snakes have legs?
Why do monkeys have tails?
Why do elephants have trunks?