Mathematica II

Presented in a whole new direction, Mathematica II targets 10- to 12-year-olds. Using animation to bring formulas and equations to life, the program helps children enjoy learning calculation methods which may seem boring to them in classes. Rather than just practicing rote memorization, children can experience the fascination of mathematics as they get to the correct answers by trial and error. Together with their parents, children can now have fun learning math.
Examples of episodes:
Comparison of size of areas
Triangle size
Characteristics of numbers
Meaning of negative numbers
Easy-to-understand ways for dividing
Solids and planes
Volume of solids

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Prize of the Children's Jury
7-11 Non-Fiction
Prix Jeunesse International 2008 --Munich, Germany
Grand Prix / First Place "Gold Camera Award"
Education/Grades 1-5 (Elementary)
41st US International Video and Film Festival --LA, U.S.A.