The Sensitive Samurai I

A classic samurai drama, set in the 18th century; tragedy, honor, revenge, love, tears, laughter and swordsmanship extraordinary. The hero Matahachiro flees to Edo (now Tokyo) after becoming embroiled in a feud and killing his sweetheart's father. He finds work as a bodyguard, but spends a good deal of his time defending himself. He even crosses paths with the real-life "forty-seven ronin," who are seeking revenge for the forced suicide of their lord. Meanwhile, Matahachiro cannot forget his sweetheart back home...
I. Guardsman (67 min.)
II. Fugitive
III. Shadow of Conspiracy
IV. Death of a Night Flower
V. Mysterious Encounters
VI. The Lady's Secret
VII. Love Once Again
VIII. The Instructor
IX. Lady Assassin
X. The Revenge Raiders
XI. The Man Who Stayed Behind
XII. The Last Mission