Good Night Japan ZZZ...

A live midnight program that puts the nation to sleep!

This program is for those lonely sleepless nights where you have too much on your mind.
It helps viewers who are gazing at the TV screen absent-mindedly
by being by their side, hearing their thoughts and inducing sleep.
A counterintuitive TV program, that aims to make the viewers turn "off" the television.

The original Japanese version is being broadcast irregularly on NHK General Channel.
13 episodes has been aired so far since October 2012.
The duration have ended up between 85 - 203 minutes.

ZZZ... Button

Viewers are asked to click the "ZZZ..." button on the website when they begin to feel sleepy.
The program only finishes when there are enough "ZZZ..."s.

ZZZ... Studio Talk

In the studio, guests talk about posts and emails from viewers who wrote in about their thoughts and worries that are keeping them awake.

ZZZ... Bedtime Stories

A veteran actress reads the nation a bedtime story.

ZZZ... Sleep-inducing Beauty

Famous actors count sheep endlessly.

ZZZ... Events

The effort to put the nation to sleep goes outside the studio.
"Special Social TV Award 2014"
Nikkei Business Publications