YAYOI KUSAMA: My Eternal Soul

The artist named in TIME's 100 Most Influential People captured in 8K

Vivid colors; wild, dream-like scenes; and plenty of polka dots. Japan's Yayoi Kusama is one of the most closely watched female artists on the planet. Her works sell for millions of dollars. The allure of her art transcends borders and she constantly stages grand touring exhibitions around the world. Kusama is 87 years old, but she continues to paint at a frenetic pace of one painting every two or three days, as part of her "My Eternal Soul" series. This program uses an 8K camera to follow Kusama through the process of producing new works, from the initial brush strokes right through to completion. With high-definition video and original music from artist/producer Towa Tei, the program portrays the moment of creation in a striking and dynamic way.