Classmates of Kumamoto

Documentary portraying 15-year-olds for half a year after a major quake

This documentary follows a group of students at the sensitive age of 15 as they try to move on in the wake of a major disaster. In April 2016, two earthquakes measuring between magnitude 6 and 7 struck the town of Mashiki in Kumamoto Prefecture. More than half of the students at a local junior high school had their homes damaged. They were forced to live in a shelter in the middle of their broken town. The days pass, seemingly with no end in sight, but the teens try to keep busy by taking part in club activities, holding an athletic meet, and practicing for a choral contest. After facing death, they now support each other during their daily lives. This program is a portrait of teenagers rocked by a disaster, sometimes unsure of themselves, but determined to move forward bravely.