Forbidden Love with a Samurai

A maid climbing up to the top of power

In 18th century Japan the age of the samurai is at its peak.
A lady's maid named Kiyo meets Jurozaemon, the most trusted samurai of the feudal lord, Asano. Despite rules forbidding the crossing of social classes, they fall in love. But after Asano is forced to commit suicide, Jurozaemon takes revenge to save his lord's honor, leading Jurozaemon to also kill himself. He leaves Kiyo with a dying wish -- to revive the Asano clan.
Taking on his wish, Kiyo moves up the social and political ladder. Finally, she becomes involved with the Shogun Tsunatoyo and they have a baby boy, who takes over the Shogunate.
This is a story of Kiyo and the journey and the choices she makes as she works her way up to the apex of feudal Japan.


Akiyoshi NAKAO
Tsubasa IMAI
Yoshiko MITA