Nature Wonder Land X

NHK proudly presents its 10th Nature Wonder Land series. This unique nature series uncovers the fascinating stories of a wide range of animals from Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceania and Europe. Viewers will enter the worlds of creatures rarely seen before and marvel at their power and beauty.

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Episode list

1. Rear End Defense -- Wombat, Australia
2. Mighty Wings -- Grey Crowned Crane, Africa
3. Keys to Survival -- Grant's Gazelle, Tanzania
4. Claws from the Past -- Hoatzin, Peru
5. The Great Escape -- Cape Fur Seal vs. Great White Shark, South Africa
6. Promising Bountiful Crops -- Barn Owl, Israel
7. Amazing Comeback -- Eurasian Otter, South Korea
8. Reigning Supreme -- Jaguar, Brazil
9. Best of Friends -- Blue Monkeys and Red-Tailed Monkeys, Africa
10. Deliberate Yet Deadly -- Slow Loris, Indonesia
11. All the Right Moves -- Brown Bear, Japan
12. Destroyer or Survivor? -- Wels Catfish, Spain
13. Life-Threatening Quest -- Japanese Green Pigeon, Japan