Document 72 Hours

This is an extremely unique form of documentary. For the duration of 72 hours, a single location or group of people is targeted. The footage is filtered and condensed into a 25-minute broadcast. There are no preconceived scripts or artificially created stories. The purpose is to remain completely true to reality. The subjects chosen are social phenomena unique to present-day Japan. These include manga cafes, corner convenience stores selling such specialty items as Christmas cakes, people working in 3.3-square-meter offices, and foreign backpackers in Tokyo. You'll be absorbed and amused by these seemingly unusual events that occur commonplace in everyday life in Japan.

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Episode list

Kappabashi: Tokyo's Kitchen Capital
Christmas at the Bus Terminal
Benches and People: An Osaka Shopping Arcade
Valentine's Day at the Shrine
Tales over Rice Bowls
At the Food Court
Route 439: Japan's Last Frontier
The Ferry to Volcano Island
A Nostalgic Roller Coaster Ride
Kyoto's Kamo River Delta
A Women's Prison: Up-close and Personal
Obon with a Bang in Nagasaki
Where Cultures and Meat Meet