Document 72 Hours

NHK's long-running series ranked No. 1 for viewer satisfaction

What happens if we set cameras on one location and observe for 72 hours? Who comes and goes? What kind of drama can we witness? Find out through this observational documentary series.
By remaining completely true to the reality of what the camera captures within a given time frame, 72 hours offers a glimpse of the unexpected drama in ordinary people's everyday lives.
The locations vary from well-known tourist attractions, bus terminals and manga cafes to even a bench in a shopping arcade. Through observation and interviews at these seemingly mundane places, 72 hours spotlights the diverse and colorful lives of people, their emotions and a bigger picture of the current society that we live in.

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Episode list

Kappabashi: Tokyo's Kitchen Capital
Christmas at the Bus Terminal
Benches and People: An Osaka Shopping Arcade
Valentine's Day at the Shrine
Tales over Rice Bowls
At the Food Court
Route 439: Japan's Last Frontier
The Ferry to Volcano Island
A Nostalgic Roller Coaster Ride
Kyoto's Kamo River Delta
A Women's Prison: Up-close and Personal
Obon with a Bang in Nagasaki
Where Cultures and Meat Meet