Transporting Tsukiji -- The World's Largest Fish Market

The world's largest fish market is on the cusp of change.
The iconic, but crumbling Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is being moved as part of the preparations for the 2020 Olympic Games.
The relocation of the sprawling, 80-year-old facility must be completed in 60 hours so a massive amount of seafood can be taken to the new site while still fresh. One mistake could shut down the distribution system, spelling chaos for Japan's food supply.
The program tracks the unprecedented move from multiple angles. See Tokyo officials take charge with their minute-by-minute schedule. Meet a wholesaler who spends big to bring in tuna from around the world. Follow a buyer who must purchase a substantial amount of fish.
It's a mesmerizing, nail-biting documentary showing the race to feed Japan, as a historic market is reborn.