What do a panda and a penguin have in common? Black limbs. That's just one example of "mimicries," or close resemblances in appearance or action. The natural world is full of them. So let's hunt for these similarities! Are they a matter of shape? Patterns? Colors? Why do they occur? Are they really so similar? If we observe and think about commonalities, differences, and natural laws, we realize that there are similar mechanisms at work. Searching out these similarities in the natural world, Mimicries provokes in its target audience (children between the ages of 3 and 7) both amazement at natural wonders and a desire for knowledge, stimulating the powers of observation and imagination that are so essential to fostering the scientific spirit.

Examples of episodes

Black and White
Mystery Objects
Ball-Shaped Eyes

More episodes are in production.
"Best Television Program Award, Television Program" Taiwan International Children's Film Festival, 2016
"STEM Competition Award"
Chicago International Children's Film Festival, 2016