JAKUCHU: The Divine Colors

Ito Jakuchu (1716 -1800) is a Japanese painter who depicted the natural world with vivid colors in microscopic detail, gaining the moniker, "the man with the hand of god." In 2016, the artist's long-lost diptych scrolls Phoenix and Peacock was rediscovered. This prompted art experts to launch an extensive study using the latest technology to better understand the artist's creative process, and his singular style in composition and design. When the research is completed, Phoenix and Peacock will be restored and exhibited to the public for the first time in Tokyo. The program will also feature other masterpieces by Jakuchu, including Colorful Realm of Living Beings and Sakyamuni Triptych. Observe in pristine 4K images Jakuchu's remarkably fine lines (0.1 mm!), a feat some say no other artist has ever accomplished.