Cycle Around Japan

Rolling through Japan's four seasons

Due to Japan's immensely varied landscape and climate, this island nation developed unique cultural traditions. Many of these are world renowned, but many more remain hidden away deep in the countryside. The best way to discover these secret places -- the real Japan -- is to go exploring by bicycle.
The series includes locations such as the springtime lush greens of Mt. Fuji, flowers-filled Hokkaido, the deep mountain forests of Nikko, and the ancient city of Kyoto.
Join us on a journey to see a side of Japan you won't find in guidebooks.

Episode list

Spring: Through Izu to Mt. Fuji
Summer: A Journey Across Hokkaido
Autumn: World Heritage Sites -- Tomioka to Nikko
Winter: To Lake Biwa and Kyoto
Spring: In the Noto Peninsula
Summer: A Nagasaki Pilgrimage
Autumn: Amidst Mother Nature in Hokkaido
Winter: The Southern Island of Amami-Oshima
Spring: A Journey through Boso Peninsula
Summer: The Coast and Mountains of Iwate
OKINAWA: The Tropical Yaeyama Islands
Autumn: Riding with the Wind in Toyama
Winter: From Tokyo to Izu-Oshima

More episodes are in production.