Super Eruptions

Seismic tomography has recently allowed scientists to gain a better understanding of the activity of magma deep beneath the earth's surface. With a massive amount of magma building up under Sakurajima, Japan, scientists have confirmed that a major eruption may occur in the near future. In Yellowstone National Park, the largest volcanic region in the United States, an enormous bulge of hot mantle is rising from deep underground, and magma generated by its heat can be seen at around five kilometers below the earth's surface. What would happen if a major eruption were to occur in today's highly developed society? This episode reveals the results of the latest studies into the mechanisms of volcanic eruptions, and discusses the extent of their threat.
"SILVER SCREEN, DOCUMENTARY: Documentary Programs: Science, Research, Technology"
U.S. International Film & Video Festival, 2015 -- Los Angeles, U.S.A.