Madame Butterfly

The passionate drama of Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly is given new life as a TV drama!
In the late 19th century, when Japan was still struggling to be a modern nation, young Cho-Cho (Madame Butterfly), continues her education following the wish of her samurai father who is now deceased. She also learns about the ways of the samurai with the help of her grandmother and mother. After their sudden death, Cho-Cho, unable to financially self-support herself, was adopted by a wealthy family that owns an established brothel in Nagasaki. However, her stepmother, who promised Cho-Cho to let her participate in higher education, also dies unexpectedly. Forced to give up her dream, Cho-Cho decides to become a geisha.
One day, Cho-Cho, now an apprentice geisha, meets Franklin, an American naval officer. She is enchanted with Franklin who she feels has the spirit of a samurai, and marries him. However, for Franklin, it is just a marriage of convenience.
Atsushi ITO
"SILVER SCREEN, ENTERTAINMENT: TV: Entertainment Program & Specials: TV Movie"
US International Film & Video Festival, 2013 -- Los Angels, U.S.A.